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worship is celebration! We gather to rejoice in God’s gift of life, of Jesus, of the bounty of being alive. Worship is, above all, an outpouring of gratitude just for the chance to Journey in this life., That said, I cannot wait until THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 9th at 10am when we will enjoy a really unique morning of celebration. We’ll Bless The Children and Their Backpacks as they begin school, asking God to guide, guard and protect them. Then the entire hour belongs to the remarkable talents of Jim Hogg and son James, a father/son duo in demand everywhere. Inspired by Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, they love the music and reflections of the Colonial/Revolutionary era, and their costumes are authentic to the time. James was just named “Louisiana Grand Champion Fiddler”, at age 15, and he plays a variety of instruments. They sing, do readings, and their combined voices will bless you as you can’t imagine. Then, a huge potluck lunch awaits in the Fellowship Hall. want to see young James in a quickie YouTube piece? He gave a brief promo at the offices of Country Roads Magazine. Click the link below.


**Olde Tyme Delicious Potluck Lunch After “Hogg Heaven’ Sunday! You can’t beat church dinners, and we’ll join Jim and James  as we break bread together. Bring your meal, whatever it is, and leave in the kitchen before you arrive in the sanctuary.

 ** All Children and Backpacks need to be in church Sunday. Bring your own kids, your neighbor’s kids, and any kids anywhere. They’re ALL God’s children and need prayers for heavenly protection.
 **Love Offering Will Be Received For The Hoggs. Let’s help Jim and James bless as many other groups as they can, but supporting them and young James continuing musical training. Leave your generous Love Offerings in the baskets as you leave the sanctuary, and/or as you are in the Fellowship Hall. You WILL want to hear their music long after the day, and CD’s will be available for purchase. I play mine in the car all the time.

**HUGE Work Day at church THIS Saturday, August 8th, 7am. Bring your old clothes, gloves, sneakers and let’s spruce the place up. We’ll start with Jim Singletary’s high-protein breakfast. Got gas edgers? We need ‘em! Got tool kits? Bring ’em. 

**Gluten-Free Communion Now Available. If you have a wheat allergy, you know what an aggravation that can be. Beginning Sept 6th we will have Gluten-Free Communion Bread for those who ask or need. It’s free of gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, egg, soy nut or corn.
**Labor Day Sunday is September 6th: Wear The Garb That Defined Your Work. We’ll decorate the altar and ask you to come dressed as you do/did in your career. And also bring to the altar some memento of your labor: a family portrait, a hammer, a stethoscope etc., so we can honor and hallow the fruits of all our labors.
**So you don’t think you’re an Evangelist? Really? Just because you can’t preach, teach Bible lessons, sing solos in church or quote scripture doesn’t mean you’re not an evangelist. All you have to do is SHARE your love of God and God’s church and God’s people! That’s why children are such a delight. They can’t wait to share something they’re enthusiastic about. You can do it too! INVITE someone to church, and THIS Sunday is as good a time as ever. Tell them how meaningful you feel worship is or any other aspect of the church.

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