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** The terms ‘Remember’ or ‘Remembrance’ are in the Bible over 430 times!
They knew then that memories are the only thing we carry to our graves, and they are the only real nourishment for our hearts and souls. But we live in a helter-skelter society that leaves behind every activity and relationship and roars ahead seeking a new one, and another and another. We have sadly begun to believe that REAL living is always what’s NEXT in your lives: the next person, the next experience, the next exciting event. The Lord says “Be Still and know that I am God.” Well, good luck with THAT!  Remembering is so vital for real living: remembering people, places, growing moments, God’s intervention into our lives, blessed moments that could never be repeated. An old Jewish saying is “He who remembers, lives most fully!”
Remembering is indeed soul food. Let’s look more closely at this food this Sunday. Read Psalm 105 first. Can’t wait to see you!
“The Power Of Remembering!”


**Blessing Of The Backpacks Sunday August 9th
Before Jim and James Hogg inspire us all, we will ask all children/youth beginning school to bring their backpacks to the altar where we will ask God to guide, guard and keep these children and their school experience in His care. Bring your cousins, nieces, nephews and any other children who might want to be blessed and prayed over. 

**Carpenter’s Chapel Is Going To The Hoggs!
(you thought it was Going To The Dogs didn’t you?) On Sunday August 9th the entire hour will be one awesome time of music by Mr. Jim Hogg and his son James Hogg. Jim is an area realtor and a passionate Believer/singer/musician, and with his incredibly talented son makes up a jaw-dropping team of music from Gospel to Civil war to Revolutionary Period and on and on. They will wear Revolutionary War costumes. You’ll be amazed at the team and the songs, readings, reflections and instruments. We are SO lucky to book them. Afterward, we’ll all head to the Fellowship Hall for an great olde tyme Methodist Potluck Lunch. DON’T MISS AUG 9th!

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