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Carpenter's Chapel United Methodist Church

**June 5th Communion Altar Offering Dedicated to VBS 2016! As we reach for the loaf and the cup on Sunday, June 5th, we’ll also leave our Communion Offering at the altar to help fund VBS 2016! So come as Jesus reaches out to us all, and leave your gifts so the children will see Him and reach back to Him!

** ‘Hogg Heaven’ Returning To Carpenter’s June 26th!  Oh my, what a Sunday that will be! Remember last fall when Jim Hogg and his awesome son James Linden came and spent the hour with us, singing the songs of the Faith and of this nation, playing all manner of instruments, all the while dressed in Revolutionary period garb? Well, they’re coming back, and you better get here early and get a seat, cause it will be SRO. (Standing Room Only). Immediately following that great hour, we’ll enter the Fellowship Hall and partake of that great Methodist cuisine, known as “Holy Potluck.” Mark your calendars NOW for the last Sunday in June. The Music of this nation and music of this Faith, as ONLY ‘Hogg Heaven’ can offer it. Wow!

You'll never transform the world by going "to" church.  You'll only transfom the world by "being" the church. (Anon)



**Gluten-free Eucharist WILL be available from now on. If you’ve ever known anyone who suffers from Celiac (allergy to wheat flour or any wheat product) you know how miserable it can be. We’ve had a request for gluten-free Eucharist and it will now be offered every Communion Sunday in addition to the regular loaf.. Simply ask the server.
**Gathering for a meal following a funeral is a vital ministry. With all the grief and stress during those times, eating is a hit-or-miss issue for all. So, most churches offer a Bereavement Meal following the services so that will be one item they family/friends don’t worry about. Debbie Mosher has coordinated our Bereavement Meals but with a 2nd =grandbaby on the way she needs replacement or a co-coordinator. There’s no shortage of people willing to prepare, but it’s the coordination we need. Call Debbie at 603-7068

**So you don’t think you’re an Evangelist? Really? Just because you can’t preach, teach Bible lessons, sing solos in church or quote scripture doesn’t mean you’re not an evangelist. All you have to do is SHARE your love of God and God’s church and God’s people! That’s why children are such a delight. They can’t wait to share something they’re enthusiastic about. You can do it too! INVITE someone to church, and THIS Sunday is as good a time as ever. Tell them how meaningful you feel worship is or any other aspect of the church.

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