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Join us THIS SUNDAY, June 28! **Churches everywhere are filled to varying degrees with programs and activities. Men’s, women’s, youth, outreach, music, and on and on. The calendars in many church offices resemble calendars somewhere in the Federal Government offices. Coming, going, planning, budgeting, all in favor say “aye”, and all the while a figure stands in the corner, usually un-noticed. It’s a figure largely forgotten and for the most part lost in all the busy-ness and shuffle. It’s kind of like a Bible on the coffee table that’s been there forever but last opened years ago. The figure is Jesus, the central focus of all that we do and all that we believe and all that drives our faith and lives. Or all that once did, anyway. In this week’s scripture, Mary and Joseph are returning home from the Passover Celebration. Then, in the press of the crowds they realize Jesus is not with them, so Mary turns around to find the God-in-us-boy. What a stunningly appropriate comment for all of us and surely most churches, who’ve lost sight of what they’re about in the first place. Let’s explore this further on Sunday. Read your scripture first, Luke 2:41-52. Can’t wait to see you on Sunday, after the Men’s breakfast.
“Going Back To Find Jesus”



For registration online please go to: https://www.groupvbspro.com/Registration/Forms.aspx?Type=VOL 
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