The Heritage of Carpenter's Chapel
  Carpenter's Chapel was organized in the Spring of 1911 by Spencer McLean. The original church was held in a small house owned by "Grandpa" Carpenter. The original church building was built by Joe Dugas on land that was donated by "Grandpa" Carpenter. It was built in the Fall of 1911 and several men assisted Joe Dugas in its construction, including Bud Carpenter, Steve Carpenter, and many others. 
     The First official board was Bud Carpenter, Steve Carpenter, their father and one or two others whose names are unknown. Carpenter's Chapel was originally named "McLean's Chapel" by the congregation, but later Rev. W. W. Bowman changed the name on the records to Carpenter's Chapel. 
    The building that is currently across the street from the church was completed February 3, 1965, at a cost of $10,952.95. Consecration services were held August 1, 1965. 
     The Carpenter Family have been active in the church since it was founded. Their names may have changed to Buratt, Courtney, Dixon, Edmonston, and many others, but their roots are still here at Carpenter's Chapel in Galvez, Louisiana. 
     In 1983, two acres of land were purchased across Highway 933 where the new parsonage was built. The front property was used to build a new sanctuary, where we currently worship now, a fellowship hall, office and several classrooms.