Mission & Values

  Mission & Values  
Mission & Values

The mission of Carpenter's Chapel United Methodist Church is to make the resurrection of Christ a reality in our lives. 

Our Values
In the business world there is a lot of talk about core values. But what do we mean by that? While core values for churches may be similar, each church's core values should relate to its personality, experience, genetics and style. Core values aren't what we hope to be but who we are. 

Experiencing God
Our emphasis on experiencing God is sensed in our vibrant worship, Bible studies, small groups and an intense prayer ministry. 

Pursuing Excellence
No matter what goes on at CCUMC, we strive to do it with excellence, whether building on tradition or innovatively pursuing new ministries. 

Transforming Community
CCUMC is a community of believers who seek both the be transformed by God and to transform the community around us as we live out what we believe.