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Soul Sisters

"As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God" Psalm 42:1
     The Carpenter's Chapel "Soul Sisters" group was formed in 2007 with the objective of uniting the ladies at Carpenter's Chapel United Methodist Church and to support the church mission: "to make the resurrection of Christ a reality in our lives." Soul Sisters desire to be an outreach to other ladies in the community who may not have a church home, to lift up and meet the needs of others and to live that exemplifies Christ. Soul Sisters lend support to our church activities and other church ministries during the year. Our name "Soul Sisters" is a constant reminder that we should have compassion of the lost. We have only one life that will soon pass; only what's done for Christ will last!
     Souls Sisters meet the first Monday of each month for a time of prayer, devotion and to plan activities that will promote church growth. We share refreshments for the body and refreshments for the Soul as we grow together spiritually in the word. We invite all the ladies of Carpenter's Chapel to join us. May we be able to stand before God one day and sing "IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL."

Upcoming Events: 
The Soul Sister Christmas party will be held at the home of Priscilla Monson on Friday, Dec. 5 at 7:00.  Come to join us.  Bring a finger food to share, a $10 gift to exchange and lots of time for a joyful evening shared with great friends.  All
Ladies in the church are invited.
At our Nov. meeting everyone brought one of their favorite finger foods for refreshments and lots of recipes were exchanged to be used during the holidays. You may remember our great recipe book of several years ago.  Pull that out and make something good to share with someone in need of a special blessing.
We got out all the great items that were donated for our service people and packed 12 boxes that were mailed out in time for Thanksgiving.   Lots of love, prayers and appreciation  were included in our boxes.  Thanks for your donations.
The baked potato and potato soup sale were a great success thanks to all of you..   We appreciate your support.    The proceeds are to be used for our upcoming projects.
The holidays are upon us and we are truly thankful for our church and the REAL church, the great, loving folks at CCUMC.  God bless each of you.


It's that time of year again - Vacation Bible School!

This year, we are doing Cave Quest.
Join us for VBS July 18-22.
Monday, July 18th we ask that kids be dropped off @ 5:30.
Tuesday thru Friday VBS will start @ 6:00.
VBS will conclude at 8:00 each night.

Please see the attached registration form and Pre-Register!!
Do so ASAP so we can get enough goodies for everyone to have a fantastic week

How to turn them in??
Print your form - fill it out - then either text, fax, or bring your completed form to church.
/home/140004249/140004249/Images/VBS registration 2016-2.pdf


Where we join together in faith, hope and love, committed to the mission of Jesus Christ: love God, love one another, and make disciples. 
Whether you are a Methodist, of another denomination, exploring religion, or looking for a church home, we welcome you to join us. 

We invite you to worship with us on Sunday Mornings for a blended worship service at 10:00 AM. We have Sunday School classes available at 9:00 AM before worship. 

We are located at 41181 Hwy 933 in Prairieville, Louisiana. Call us at 225-622-1266 or email us at carpenterschapel@eatel.net
Finding Our Purpose Again:
“Get The Quarterback”
 One of my favorite sayings is “when you find yourself up to your belly-button in alligators, it’s difficult to remember that your original goal was to drain the swamp!”

Translated, it means your effort got so complicated you lost track of why you were in the swamp in the first place.  Montgomery-Ward, one of America’s great department stores, went bankrupt in 2000, and the CEO reported “we lost our focus, which was to serve the customer.”  A college Linebacker, charged with stopping the run, dropping back in pass coverage, keeping the quarterback contained and so much more, was moved to Defensive End.  He told the media  “I don't have a thousand things in my mind on every play anymore; my job description now is three words.”  When the reporters asked what those were, he said with a big toothy grin, “Get the quarterback.”
Churches are no different.  What once was our only job description has become so blurred that most church members couldn't even define the reason a church exists.  We have become lost in meetings, committees, politics, personal preferences, who did/didn't get their feelings hurt, arguing about everything from the color of classrooms, to music selections, to the worship design, to who’s in charge of the kitchen and uncountable other wanderings.  So many churches have become “all about me.”
Then, you study those churches that are growing, expanding, struggling to find room for everyone, and you have that “Aha” moment: every one of them has a single, clear focus woven through all they are and all they do.  They KNOW why they’re there, and it’s one, single reason, undiluted by a myriad of paralyzing bureaucracies.  They KNOW what their purpose is and the congregation is committed to that one focus and making it happen.  That purpose is to simply “create an environment that draws people in and introduces them to the Living Christ.”  Nothing else matters.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  It’s all about one thing and one thing only: a commitment to bring seekers in and guide them to a life in Jesus. 
John Wesley stood at the beach in England and bid farewell to a ship filled with new, excited Believers, sailing to the young America.  He gave them a single charge: “Go offer them Christ.”  If more of our churches could somehow remember that’s our ONLY reason for being, then my, oh my, what a difference it would make.  THAT’S the reason we’re in the swamp in the first place. 
Dr Peter