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Community Assistance
About to toss out your old eyeglasses....DON'T!!  There are youth and adults out there and would LOVE to have them because they cant afford them. The Lions club has an awesome ministry that fixes and spruces up used eyewear for donation to needy people.  There is a collection box in the foyer.  Drop all your used eyewear in it and the contents will go to a Lions Club.


Open Wednesdays 9:00-11:00AM.
Please join us if you have a Wednesday a month to work from 9:00-11:00 AM. It's very rewarding and lots of fun getting to know each other better. Substitute workers are also welcomed to fill in when someone cannot work. Give it a try. Call Priscilla Monson (#673-2805), see me at church, or contact the office if you are interested.

Items needed for the pantry are:

Sugar (small bag)
Flour (sm bag)
Dried Beans (1lb. bag)
Spaghetti O's*
Pork and Beans*
Single Serving Microwave Foods*
Ramon Noodles*
Instant Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes
Canned Beans (pinto and field peas)*
Bath Soap
Canned Fruit
Cake Mix
Fruit Juice
Jelly (small)
Canned Fruit (apple sauce)
Dishwashing soap 
Bathroom Paper
Toiletries Articles
Travel size soaps, shampoos, etc...

Any nonperishable food items, toiletries, or household item will be greatly appreciated.  (*) means item is completely out in the pantry.  These items are hard to keep in stock. Any pantry donations are greatly appreciated! We are blessed to be able to assist families in our community.